Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Well today all went really well! I was on 1400 calories today and i ate 1351 calories woot! I did feel a lil hungry prior to my meals...but not overly hungry so right at the moment i think the calories work. Tomorrow is a 1200 calorie day. But i dont think that will be a issue at all. I did a 30 minute walk tonite...i really noticed that my heart rate just doesnt get high anymore from plain old walking...it sat between 55%-61% and i didnt even burn 180 calories...prolly not overly surprising cos i know i am much fitter then i use to be. But lol at the gym...i dont consider myself doing a "workout" unless im at 65% or higher...and of course 170 calories is a long way of 450 calories per day...but thats ok ... thursday is when everything will really kick up a notch exercise wise.

Saturday nite mum invited me over for dinner...there will be 5 kids there and 7 adults...argh....lemme explain my mums house is not kid friendly! The thought of 5 kids...is a lil insane...but its a chance to see my sister..and prolly better then sitting home saturday nite ;) anyway so i said to mum "whats for dinner?" she was like "finger food...like quiche...but there will be a green salad!" oh lucky me...rabbit food! lol...so...if i do go think ill make some stuff to take...was thinking ill make more sausage rolls...but this time for the filling..chicken mince, and semi dried tomatos ...somes yummy eh? I could have a couple with salad and leave the remainders at mums! I also thought ill make a chocolate and cherry brownies...i have a recipe for them...167 calories each...again ill only leave a few here...and rest can stay at mums. Saturday is a high calorie day (1800 calories) so i could work in a few of the sausage rolls and one brownie.

Funny i found out today robyns is in a relationship now....so the 2 girls a lil over a year ago i was interested in...have gone on and got in a relationship...and me...still bloody single! ugh

Okies off i go time for NCIS!

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