Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well the last 24 hours has been a lil drama filled for something different! lol Earlier this week i signed up for a new gym contract...i was quoted a price and i was like kewl...anyway very late thursday nite...i realised for each PT session per week they only give u 45 sessions for the should be getting credited for 156 sessions but the way they do it i was only getting 135 anyway yesterday morning i ring the gym and speak to one of the girls...and she is like yes it drops the price and allows for time off, public holidays etc...and then i asked what if i wanna cancel in the cooling off period...and she was like ring later and speak to kate. So at this point i was really unsure what to do...if i did 3 sessions per week every week of the year id be short 7 weeks of i was like thinking ok i do 3 sessions per week till the end of the year then 2 a week...or do i cancel the contract and pay for 1 PT session per week via a contract and for the rest just buy 10 week PT packs...i had no idea what to i was mulling over stuff...when suddenly i get a text...from fiona lol....she had simply been told i was thinking of cancelling the contract :( so i get this text saying "karyn what is going on dude? i hate to think your this unhappy" so i texted back and explained that it was nothing to do with her or her sessions i just expected i would have sessions for 52 weeks of the fiona was like "ahhh i had nearly had a heart attack when amy said you werent happy with things" this was a admin thing seriously didnt even expect her to hear about it...anyway she was like i will talk to kate to get something sorted out for a series of messages later...and they have done me a special deal for me only LOL so basically i would need to buy a pack of 20 sessions to bring me up to scratch...and buying them via a package is like $42 a session or instead...they have offered me them at the price on my contract so $33 me a free one...and instead of paying them up front or other 5 direct debits like people normally have to do...they said cos im such a good client etc they feel i should get a lil bit better treatment (seriously im one of the few if not the only clients doing 3 sessions per week!)so i get to pay those sessions off over 26 direct debits (so a fullyear) and so it works out only a additional $25 a fortnite. PHEW now i know i have 3 sessions per week every week until june next year. So its all sorted and i feel much much better =]

Must admit thursday nite i didnt sleep well and then yesterday it played on my mind (once again) that im not focused eating fine (if anything maybe under eating a lil) and exercising yet in my mind im frustrated with myself cos my mindset isnt focused enuff...not so bothered by it today (amazing what a good nites sleep does) but it seems soon as i miss out on some sleep it plays on my mind big time.

Today i have PT...weights....then im gonna do the C25k workout and then ill do the bloomin cross trainer and rower :( im gonna try and do the C25k all the runs at 6km which is fast for me (remember i have a very dodgy ankle and bad knees) previosuly i have only run at 4.5km....but i did one interval last week at 6km and whilst it buggered the hell out of me it didnt feel any worse on my joints so i will give that a whirl this week.

Tonite off to dinner with the ww girls...have checked out the menu...saturdays are my high calories (2600 calories) so i will be that is HEAPS of calories lol

okies off i go have a good day all !

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Andrea said...

Wow what an awesome gym and the support the give you is fantsatic! Those girls obviously believe in you and that you are going to reach goal!

Love Andrea