Saturday, April 17, 2010

So as a follow on from this mornings post ;) I weighed in! yay lost 600 grams...i am now sitting spot on 120.9 kilos...which means i am exactly back at 50 kilos lost (110 pounds for the yanks out there) im happy about that...what with lack of sleep...going back on antidepressents and everything else this week thats a more then suitable result :)

Tonite i am going out for dinner with the WW girls...only really had one top that mostly fits but its a summer top so not really suitable for wandered over to city chic. Must say the quality of their materials are soooooooooooo good....told the girl i wanted a top which accentuates my waist (all these years i thought my cleavage was my best asset...discovering its actually my waist!) Anyway so tried on a few...the one i liked the best was a size "L" and it fitted but i prolly could have got into a size "M" they unfortunately didnt have that size...but its a really nice top and has a tie at the back so i can tighten that as i shrink! lol

Then i went to the gym.....did 30 minutes on the treadmill and noticed if i went too fast the back of my lower leg hurt...i noticed it when i was moving too and at the time it had a fiona comes and gets me...and im telling her about it and shes giving me this look that clearly says "oh no!" haha....turns out what i was describing is exactly how another client described some pain....and she had the same lump and it was her obviously fiona cant diagnose me but she said what i was describing was too similar to her other client...(and this client ended up needing 6 months of intensive physio cos she ignored it when it started!) so fiona is gonna get some research this girl had on it and also the exercises this girl was fiona said even if its not that the exercises are to stop my calf etc getting tight so i will only benefit from it. If its still giving me grief in a few weeks times she wants me to go see one of the physios who work at the gym (they have their own practices but fiona says she trusts them more and they will have more of a understanding of my fitness program combined with this issue) so we will see how that goes.

I apologised to fiona for making her worry too LOL...she was kewl tho she was like it is fine as long as you are happy now....she then said when she has put so much time working with someone she can get the answers fast when she needs too....and i guess thats the thing...we are working towards it successes are her successes too

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Julie said...

Wow Kazz, you look fantastic, 20more kgs for me to say I've lost 50. Fantastic work you look great!