Thursday, April 15, 2010

Double PT!! hehe fiona texted me last nite to say she had scheduled me in for a double PT session...she knows im a glutton for punishment ;) Normally thursday nite should be boxing...but who knows what we will end up doing...altho...boxing for a hour will be a possibility. OH and i did TEN pushups last definitely getting lower with them...last time i tried which was last year sometime...i managed TWO and wasnt getting very low. But we have been doing lots of work on strengthening my shoulders, arms and chest and apparantly its paying off! I could not have done one more but wow i was pretty impressed with that.

Foodwise things have been good altho the scales were a bit all over the monday and tuesday i barely ate so the scales dropped down to 120.4 kilos but then i ate normal yesterday and they jumped up to 121.2 kilos...

Went to the gym there was warming up on the treadmill and sarah comes over and says come do a cycle class karyn...i was like...i cant i got PT...then fiona came over and got me...we did a full on workout...about 50 minutes of boxing...and i was sweating my lil ass off and then we did 3 minutes of interval training on the xtrainer and then a nice long stretch! Then as i left sarah says to time come do RPM told her i mite...mite have to check out when classes are cos lets be honest cycle and RPM classes would really kick up those calories burnt. Then as i walked out the gym my nutritionist was at the front desk and we were talking and then she said i think u have got smaller on your top half...i was like i do feel like i am smaller altho the scales havent really moved with everything thats gone on in the last tuesday nite she will measure me

Then i rang the landagent of the old property today AND my full bond is being returned...which is a huge relief...they said they put the paper work in on the 7th....but i still havent seen a will have to follow up with the bond place tomorrow...yay $720 coming my way yep things are on the up !


Hippygal said...

Awesome workout and great news about the bond always a huge relief. :-)

Tania said...

Ahhh so it's not just me that noticed :-) Good news regarding your bond, see you tomorrow night.