Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well i am starting to feel better. After only sleeping a couple of hours sunday nite i was feeling like a zombie. But last nite i was asleep at 8.30pm and slept thru till 7am! I am still a lil tired another early nite tonite then hopefully then tiredness will settle down. I feel better already...not really thinking about too much of anything which works perfectly for me! lol

Last nite i got some very exciting news! For those who dont know my dad died when i was 14, after he died we lost contact with family members...(thats another story in itself!) anyway my sister made contact a few years ago...and i did recently with one of my aunties and one of my cousins. Anyway my aunti messaged me last nite and said if her and my other aunty come over would i meet up with them? I of course said yes! So they are now coming down the weekend of may 22, i will also be meeting up with my cousin who i havent seen since i was at least 7 plus my sister and nephew may fly over for it - all very exciting!

Anyway not much else going on...super early nite for me tonite...enjoy all!

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Mad Woman said...

Glad you're finally getting some shut can make everything seem better. And YAY for getting together with family. Hope you have a good time!