Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well im still battling this bloody cold! That said tho my nose seems to have cleared up heaps and no headache...but i am coughing :( i only have to work tomorrow and then i have a week off to get over it properly. Tonite i would normally have PT but ive cancelled it...hopefully by saturday ill be much better....fiona has said she can prolly train me in a double PT session but will depend on how im feeling. While a day or two of relaxing is kinda nice...and back in the day i woulda loved it....but it bores the crap out of me these days! im use to now constantly being on the this sucks ! lol

Kinda handy that i have all the movies fiona gave me lol watched sunshine cleaning yesterday which was rather good...mite watch the dead girl today.

Nothing really else to say as being in bed all day is hardly exciting! Enjoy all!

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