Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ive either got a horrid head cold or my allergies are playing up. The back of my mouth has been sore since yesterday arvo and my nose is blocked and my hearing not great at the moment...not a great mix for at the gym! I did 10 minutes on the cross trainer and with a blocked nose that sucked! lol Altho it didnt feel as hard on my legs so maybe i am improving...i was doing it as intervals on level 3...30 seconds with arms and legs then 30 seconds with just legs...somehow i survived it. Then i did about 30 minutes on the treadmill...not fun when i keep sneezing! lol so tonite really wasnt the wisest trying to do a cardio workout. Anyway then went in and saw the nutritionist and she did my measurements and i lost 10 centimetres in the last month (not bad considering my gym membership was on hold for 2 weeks!) and 4 centimetres came off my hips...1 cm of my bust (yes theres the proof...the girls are shrinking!)...1 centimetre of both my upper and lower thigh and big news...1 centimetre of my arms...its hard to lose of the arms so losing 1 centimetre is pretty damn awesome and im really glad to see those hips are shrinking :)

I forgot my exciting news yesterday too...i was in katies and i wandered over to the normal section yes NORMAL not the autograph section...and saw this cute lil button up cardigan....the largest size was 2XL tried it on....fitted me...but i thought i can prolly fit in the next size down...so i try the L and it fit! Wholly crap. Theres no way i could fit into normal size in the pants etc section...but yay the tops! That was very exciting (plus they are bloomin cheaper!)

Okies me and my horrid head cold and off to bed...hope i manage to sleep...ni all!


Natalie said...

Hey Kazz. When I start getting ill, I take Olive Leaf Capsules for a day or two. You can get them from the health section at the supermarket or pharmacy - they are a natural immune booster. Since I started using them I've stopped 4 out of 5 colds before they come to anything.

Just thought they might be useful!

Chris H said...

HOw exciting being able to buy 'normal' tops! Know that feeling, want it back too!
Hope your cold is not too bad today.