Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will you ever do fitness classes?

So there was a conversation between me and fiona last nite...it went like this

fiona : When are you doing the cycle class?
me : When did i say i would do a cycle class?
fiona : you told sarah you would she dobbed on you
me : oh yeh
fiona : or did you say that to her just to shut her up?
me : yeh kinda
fiona : its one class you wouldnt have to worry about co-ordination etc
me: i would like to do the class cos i get that its a good calorie burn but....
fiona : will you ever do fitness classes?
me : maybe...
fiona : is this a personality thing or a competance thing?
me : good question

I really wish i had the confidence to do the classes...fiona made the comment people are going to be too concerned about their own tiredness to worry about what you are or arent doing...and i get that...but yanno in all honesty i dont think thats the issue i think its more ME...that i compare myself to everyone else and then end up feeling like a idiot...plus....im not good at walking into a group of people...i guess in that sense im shy plus still have the mentality of being the fat girl.

Last nite during PT we were doing mountain climbers...they are done in the kick boxing class fiona runs...but the issue is...you do 30 seconds of boxing at a bag then 30 seconds down on the ground doing pushups or mountain climbers then back up again doing some type of punch at the bag...the whole getting up and getting down is sooooooooo hard for me...i hate it..so i seem to finally be okay with mountain climbers so fiona was trying to get me to go down and do the exercise and then get back up...really wasnt working lol...i dunno if its just my old bones...my fat stomach getting in the way BUT i really cant imagine being able to ever do this with ease lol

Anyway thats all for today..enjoy


Martine (email: mdally@internode.on.net) said...

Classes scare the crap out of me, it is something I must work on. I would dearly love to do a cycle class, as from what I gather it is a great calorie burner. But maybe a bit further on, I do understand.

Andrea said...

At the gym I go to, cycle classes are held in darkened rooms - its really cool because it blocks everyone else out so it feels like its just you and the instructor!! Kepp us posted!