Sunday, April 11, 2010

1100 calories burnt - not bad !

Well yesterday turned out to be a real big GYM day. I actually worked out for a hour and 50 minutes in the end lol...i did my 7 flights of stairs ... 10 minutes walking on the treadmill...weights session with fiona...then week 1 day 1 of the C25k program...then 10 minutes on the cross trainer and 5 minutes on the rower! PHEW! 1100 calories burnt tho :) so i have burnt 2000 calories in 3 days thats a damn decent effort. Of course this morning tho i have woke up quite stiff and sore,,,,my lower shoulders hurt as well as my upper thighs. So this arvo i will head out for a walk to stretch those leg muscles.

The crazy thing is my scales have gone up again. So as off this morning they are sitting as 121.7 kilos. Now i know the first few days you increase exercise your body will hold on to fluid. But there is also the question about my calories. I cut them back to 1450 calories as i didnt feel losses averaging 600 grams was enuff...but realistically....600 grams per week would have me at goal next june. I think where the battle in my head is...that i keep thinking "im still 120+ kilos i should be losing more". So i actually left a post on the calorie counting forum i go to and most said i was really leaving myself very lil room to move as i get closer to goal. So i have decided to go back to 1800 calories...if i have 3 losses in a row that are 500 grams or less then i will cut back to say 1650 nothing too dramatic.

I tried to make the raspberry & choc brownies yesterday they were VERY unsuccessful so i threw them out. Instead i made the chicken, semi dried tomato and rocket sausage rolls. I took them to mums...i come out to where the food is and my 8 year old nephew says "who made the sausage rolls they are great" hehe so anyway last nite mum had up for offerings crumbed chicken pieces, marinated roast chicken with skin, garlic bread, filo pastries, sausages, potato bake, etc....i took 4 of my sausage rolls and a serving of a green salad ;) Then dessert crumble and icecream (!!!) crumble would have to be one of my favourite desserts...mum used to make it for us growing up and her version was to die for and is PERFECT with vanilla icecream...luckily this was not home made so not as tempting so i said no and sat there drinking my pepsi max lol so i thought i did really well.

Then miss 5 wanted me to get down on the floor and play we did going over again tonite for dinner (more sausage rolls i think lol) and im guessing more doll playing.

Today ... well its nearly 11am and i am still being lazy in bed! lol Will get up once this is finished and do some housework and maybe some more unpacking...before i head off for a walk and then this arvo hopefully i can relax some.

Okies have a fab sunday i go!

PS i will post the recipe for the sausage rolls on the food journal later today!

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1100????? :::thud:::

I don't think in my entire history have I ever moved for nearly 2 hours consistently. LOL