Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday December 11

What a interesting day!

Went to the gym for was boxing...ive got my lil heart rate monitor on as i do for every its set so when i reach 90% off my maximum heart rate its alarm goes off. Normally it goes off relatively regularly during the session. So fiona has me running ragged...doing crazy stuff like 2 squats kick with my left leg ... 2 more squats and then right kick...and repeat it like 10 times on each leg...then run to the other end of the room and do either jabs, upper cuts, hooks and kicks at the kicking bag then run back again and start again...and it was a non stop circuit...anyways for the first time in a session the heart rate monitor didnt go off...fiona was it on? Im like...yes....maybe its broken haha...shes like no...i think it means your fitness has just improved a lot...she also commented that my balance when doing kicks at the kick boxing bag has improved a lot YAY a good session!

I then went into city chic to have a look around. I saw some strapless dresses which were rather nice (the place i have lost the most weight is the top of my chest around my collar bones and shoulders so i figure maybe i should show them off!) If none of the dresses suit me tho they have lots of glittery tops etc...but ill buy something closer to the 16th january when my birthday is.

I then went to the ww meeting...i knew i had gained...ive been eating crap...i was expecting to be around 132 was pleasantly surprised i had only hit 130.4 kilos. Its been interesting with this bad eating how quickly my foot pain has reappeared...after 9 months of my feet being pain free its annoying that even sitting on the sofa with them raised they are still aching...oh well that will teach me !

I then went out christmas shopping...and grocery the kids presents are bought...and i also bought a air mattress so next time we have hot weather woo hoo dont need to drag my mattress down...just gotta blow this one up... i go...tomorrow i start day 1 of working 12 out of 13 have no ideaaaaaaaaaaaa how much im looking forward to this christmas break...*chants 18 days to go*

PS Martine to add your name to access to the journal once its gone private i need you to email me the email address for your google account - please email to - thanks!

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Tania said...

That's fabulous news about your fitness levels Kazz - no more risk of falling off the treadmill now ... lol

I'm so looking forward to my holidays too - just to up the exercise levels, I have some big plans in store.

Try not to work too hard - i'm sure you'll manage!