Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesday December 9

Something strange and eye opening happened last nite. Tania sent me a message...and said ive just updated my journal id like some feedback from you if i i went over to have a look. And i swear to gawd the post could have been written by me anytime over the last 10 months or so. So i sat there and responded...and its amazing when you are looking at a situation logically, taking all the emotion out of it...its amazing how clear your thinking can be. So i responded back to tania...and then after i reread my response i added at the botton "please copy and paste and send in a reply to myself" and i was joking when i said that but there was a serious side to that. So its time to take my own advice...and i am going is the plan

1. Back to ww and accepting that the scales are a tool ONLY - i will also do monthly measurements and i also plan on getting some body fat percentage scales with my christmas money.

2. Ensuring i sleep between 7-9 hours per night...not too little and not too much

3. I am gonna get a pedometer and wear it daily and sure i hit 10,000 steps per day but i wont use it for working out my exercise points. I will still eat 28 on days i exercise and where i burn 800 calories...when i only earn 400 calories ill eat 26 points and when i dont exercise at all ill stick to 24 points.

4. Work out 6 exercise sessions per week...My sessions with body pump once a week and body balance or pilates once a week

5. Eating organic food wherever possible

Dont forget anyone who wants to continue reading my journal after it goes private please send me a email and i will add you to the list. I simply need to know your google account email address (if you dont have a google account click on the link at the bottom of this post to add a comment and you can sign up for a google account there) I have recieved some lovely emails..really supportive i really thank you all and of course everyone whose emailed me will be able to view the journal. So send me a email at

In relation to my BMI i only need to lose 10 kilos and i will go from morbidly obese to obese and i am figuring thats where theyd prefer me to be...but i think as long as when i go back ive lost a bit more ill be fine. The nurse didnt seem to think it was a big deal cos i am guessing i have a "healthy" look to myself.

I am home today with cramps (will be so good to have the surgery and for this TOM to really settle down or even better possibly disappear altogether)

Okies off i go,,,enjoy ur day all


Shmeckles said...

sounds like you've got your head screwed on Kazz, once you sort yourself out you can come sort me out :) Good luck chicken

Tania said...

Oh the irony in that ... as soon as I read your response, it occurred to me there were things in that that I would have been the first to say to someone else!

It's easy to be able to tell other people to only use the scales as a tool, not the be all and end all to determine your success, but it's a lesson we forget along the way. I'm choosing to take the gain as a "wake up call" as to what this is really all about.

Thanks again for your response, I really appreciated it. And you know if I was to cut and paste your comments and send it back now that would be far too predictable - i'll wait for a time that they might have more impact :-) because we both know this journey has it's highs and lows - thankfully the highs are more common!

I'm even thinking that maybe I could cope with the monthly measurements ... lol

Mad Woman said...

Those goals are fantastic and it looks like you've sorted out a lot in your head, and that's a HUGE step in this whole crazy journey isn't it? You're going to do really well with it set out like that.

I'm getting myself a pedometer and a set of scales for Christmas too!!

Hope you got my email, I'd love to keep up with you!

Martine said...


Glad you helped Tania - I did suggest she contact you. The plan sounds good, please add me to the list of people that follow your blog. Martine