Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday December 8

Last nite i watched the latest 2 episodes of season 8 of the US biggest loser...the final is tonite on US tv so hopefully i will have it downloaded by the weekend. It was such a motivating episode...the last 4 in the house did a marathon...and they all were so slim n healthy looking...cant wait for the final! I have several of the current contestants on my face book so im sure ill know the winner way before i watch the show (think Danny will win but go Amanda )

Went to RAH today to see the gyne speciallist about whether they are going to do the surgery or not. It was basically get the surgery or have a IUD inserted and i am completely against the IUD. Anyway the doc was lovely...filled out all the paperwork...only issue may be my BMI...its 42 and apparantly just fell out of the range for day surgery...but the nurse said my general healthy is fine and i look fit and healthy so it may not be a issue but they may call me in for a appointment with a aneathetist before the surgery. Anyway he thinks i would prolly be having the surgery in february. Of course thats even more reason to get back on track. Then after that had to go get a blood test then went to the gym...now i am home and relaxing !

Have a good day all!

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Kathiej said...

Wat do they want ur BMI to be....
Can u get it there by feb??