Monday, December 07, 2009

I am really not focussed today. Today i am working my 7th day in a tired...and have not had a lot of spare time. Anyway came home from work last nite...had been good foodwise all day then after dinner i wanted more to eat so i went over my points by 7 points...and its really made me question things...cos i feel how things are going at the moment isnt working. I really wonder if i should go back to meetings...the next 8-9 weeks i could get to meetings in the city (meetings not at the myer centre)then in the new year...i suspect we may at some point be stopping working weekends (not confirmed yet but ive heard a rumour) if that was to happen i could go to the 9am salisbury meeting then head into town for PT. What makes it hard is fiona is only available for PT two nites a week...monday and thursday and i do 3 PT sessions per week...there is a local meeting on monday nights but i cant make that cos of PT. But i feel like something needs to change...just weighing in at home isnt not sure if its extra motivation that a meeting mite give me and the accountability of stepping on their scales (altho when i havent lost i hate that accountability side of things) or maybe i need something completely different to shake things up. What i do know is i cant stop ... ive still bought my healthy lunch today and am half expecting a text from fiona saying...what is going on? Then again maybe im just is my 7th day of working 7 days in a row...didnt get home till after 6pm last nite and i was back here at 7am so i am really tired...and pretty much had enough of work today. While logically i know i dont wanna stop and dont wanna gain any weight...i also dont seem to have the focus and drive i normally have which is concerning to me. Maybe i should just go back to ww throw myself into the meetings and see how i go...the gym is running a challenge in february and maybe i should try that...usually when they run a challenge its based on u earn points for attending the gym...for different group sessions etc etc...i wish i could click my fingers and then find that damn motivation!


Tania said...

You know my thoughts on this, I NEED that weekly accountability of a meeting, but it's easy for me to do too as I have set working hours. But we both know only too well that meetings are worth nothing unless the leader is motivating! I hope that you do get the chance to have a routine of a regular meeting - it can make all the difference.

As to last night - don't second guess yourself just because of one night, with all the exercise you do in a week and having worked so many days in a row it's possible that you just needed an energy boost, I've been there too ... lol

Shmeckles said...

Glad you're going back to meetings. And hey, it can't hurt! Something needs to change like you said and maybe you just need that little bit of extra support to help you get motivated again.