Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday December 6

I can only classify yesterday as a very successful day! Spot on with points...i didnt exercise so i stuck to 24 points instead of 28. On thursday night Fiona said to me....(cos she knows how bad i am about eating vegetables) anyway she a vegetable you have never had before and just try it...even if you dont like it...just give it a being the good PT client that i am lol i went and bought egg i come home...cooked some bacon, onion and garlic...while i had cherry tomatos roasting in the oven...chopped up the eggplant...tasted a bit...omg it tastes fine! So i thru it in the pan...then the cherry tomatos...mixed that up...and then served it over pasta with some ww sour cream. It was so yummy people i kid you not ! Tonite i am making spaghetti bolognaise and im gonna throw in the last couple of slices of the eggplant (diced up of course) and im also gonna throw in cabbage and carrots to beef it up...i figure i wont be able to taste the cabbage so this mite be the way to go to increase some more of my vegetable intake.

I have decided i will make the journal private...I will set it private over the next week or if you want access send a email to telling me the username/email address of your google account.

Today will be a exercise free day working and wont get home till after 6pm ... and then have to cook dinner etc and i have to start work at 7am tomorrow morning...tomorrow i finish tho at 3pm thankfully...will get some gym work in tomorrow nite...need to get back into the interval training.

Okies not much else going on...enjoy all !


Mad Woman said...

I don't if anyone could get me to try new veggies. I'm very resistant to food changes and anything that is classified as a veggie is considered an allergy as far as I'm concerned. I'm attempting to change that mindset though.

I emailed you too.

JustJo said...

Eggplant? My God - you ARE superwoman! hehehe... I hate the stuff :)

Tania said...

2 days in a row with no exercise - who is this woman???? lol

Eggplant, cherries - I wonder what's next? I dare you to let me pick something off the menu for you to try the next time we meet for lunch ... are you game enough princess?

I want an invite - i'll email you my details if you want me to but I have a feeling you might already know who I am!