Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday December 13

Well working a weekend is freaking delightful eh? lol Yesterday was spot on with my points...when i got home my ipod wasnt charged so i didnt go out for a walk (lazy ass i am) but i charged it last nite...should be home by 4.30pm today plenty of time for a hour or so walk. Was very please with myself last nite...i bought some more of that wretched ww garlic bread...last time i bought it i ate a whole bag in one nite! LMFAO anyway opened the bag...popped just one piece in the oven...and the rest is still sitting in my freezer YAY me !

Work gave us yesterday a christmas stocking full of lollies...there were two sherbet sticks in it so ryan (cos he knows i dont wanna eat them) stuck them in my plant lmfao...i had 2 fantales and 1 freddo are just cheapo lollies which dont appeal to me at all.

Tomorrow is my last PT and last gym session for the year...WOW how fast has that all gone???? My gym membership is then onhold till January 1...will be back there on the 2nd...and no excuse whilst on body pump and one body balance class per week (with luck i mite get the guts to even go to more then that lol but lets not rush into these decisions)

Okies not a lot else to say...have a good day all

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Tania said...

LOL @ using your ipod as an excuse - surely you could have just sung as you walked ;-)

Well done on the garlic bread - sounds like it's worth giving it a try if you bought it again? Might have to look out for it when next doing my shopping.

Don't you just love holidays - even if they do mean you're about to get another year older (but we won't mention that too loudly).