Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday December 14

Well last nite had a yummii tea of spaghetti bolognaise then threw on the walking shoes and went out walking for 75 minutes! I burnt 909 calories (7 exercise points) and by the time i got home the soles of my feet were burning and i could feel it in my calves but i felt so good. Might have to do it again tomorrow night. Ryan of course when i told him this morning came up with suggestions for a longer route...bloody males lol but of course now that hes put that challenge there i may have to do it ! LOL Maybe on my day off.

Tonite i have my last PT session with fiona for the year...i have suspended my gym membership till january whilst a break is nice it is gonna take a bit more discipline to get the exercise in each day.

Foodwise i am doing good...and even better i have not weighed myself on my when i weigh in on thursday i will have NO idea how much i have lost.

Anyways not much else to say...enjoy your monday all !

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Tania said...

Well done Kazz - before you know it you'll be walking to work ... lol, enjoy your last "torture" session :-)