Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday December 14

I am so tired right now but kinda restless too. I went to the gym tonite...did 30 minutes on the treadmill (altho my right ankle was hurting somewhat so i was going rather slow) then i did PT which was weights. And i was so exhausted thruout it...really not like me...i was just thinking ok get on to this exercise and get it out of the way...of course we finished bloody early cos i wasnt fart assing around loland so we ended up doing 2 extra exercises. On the leg press i was doing 70 kilos kicking a lil bit of ass. But what I came to the conclusion is i prolly needed some carbs in the afternoon then maybe i wouldnt have been so tired. The counting exercise points and eating half of them is kinda doing my head in. It sounds simple in theory but i get out ive done however many exercise points and then to have half of them im kinda eating in the evening. Today i didnt even eat all my exercise points...ive saved 3 points. But i do wonder if this may get too confusing for my lil head lol. I wish there was just a golden you earn 20 exercise eat 10 points over 5 days or something...its kinda like each day im playing with numbers. Must admit part of me wonders if i should just eat healthy and try to get out of a diet mentality (something fiona has been discussing with me a bit lately) and part of me would prefer to just stick to my 24 or 25 points a day.

This coming year i do wanna focus more on my fitness and less on number on the scales. I realised today...i no longer get pain from my planter fastisis...truly amazing...cos it was only 4 months or so i went to the podiatrist...amazing...the innersoles i got from the chemist really helped and not at a ridiculous price!

Tomorrow is my dads birthday...if he was alive he would have been turning 64. So my thoughts of course are there with him...mum messaged me today to say the docs think she has a gall bladder she is off for a ultrasound tomorrow...quite bizarre the timing of that on Dads birthday.

Okies off i go....enjoy your nite all

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