Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday December 15

The old ww forums have been interesting of late and reminded me of something. Theres been controversy, drama, sulking, sucking up, valid points and not valid points and blah blah blah it goes on...and of course theres the "im not gonna post" again post and then the people begging that person not to stop there posts...and while the whole drama bores the CRAP out of me it does remind me of something on this season of the US biggest loser. There was a contestant named shay who weighed 479 pounds (around 220 kilos) and she was on this machine with Jillian yelling at her..and she was saying i cant do it...i cant do it....and then she said i quit and walked out. All the contestants wanted to chase after her and bob wanted to go after her...but Jillian threated she would break anyones arm who did that (lol) and no one did...anyway a bit later this girl walked back in...and got back on that machine and did what Jillian had asked of her. She had also broken a habit. And it makes me reflect...a lot of people who have put on weight have comfort eaten because they were unpopular, or cos they clash with family etc etc...and when we do this and we learn this as a child...we sulk...we decide we are gonna punish that person by ignoring them...i remember doing stuff as a teenager to get attention...not talking to someone cos i didnt like something that occurred...and of course what happens then is the person is like "whats wrong?" and you get that attention....and if you dont get the attention you comfort eat...so this teaches "me" to either comfort eat or doing something for attention...gets "me" what i want...but all that really teaches is weakness...weakness towards the fridge and also weakness within ourselves and how we carry and present ourselves. That said i am not like that now. Seriously ive clashed with people online before (Jody can confirm this lol) and Jody will also prolly remember years ago this would upset me, i would sulk...get upset blah blah....now...nope....im a different woman now...im strong...i dont need ANYBODIES Approval and quite honestly there is NO ONE who is going to agree with me 100% of the time...if they do...then quite honestly they are fake. I love nothing more then a bit of banter...im a good arguer...lol...but i dont argue over pathetic crap (like crap on the ww forum) If you are going to let peoples opinions influence your actions...then you will never be happy....and really is that other person invested enuff in you that ur not being happy will give them pleasure??? Like seriously pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

OKies off my soap box...making something COMPLETELY different for dinner tonite...ive got 2.5 points of chicken which i am gonna season with chicken seasoning, 2 pieces of shortcut bacon, cooked in a stirfry pan with bok choy and cabbage with a teaspoon of oil...i have NO Idea if this will taste nice! lol Ryan was like..."oh listen to you Masterchef at the princess's house tonite" haha...ass !

Im not exercising today...its bloody 38 degrees ! If i had bought some board shorts i coulda gone down to north adelaide aquatic centre...but i havent bought any yet...i do want some tho and i do want to start swimming...not so much for burning calories...but just for more activity...i think it mite be good for my body to just relax in the water...and i really just wanna do more varied things...even starting to think about buying a bike...i just worry about crashing on one...and thats a old "fear" installed from childhood.. i was never allowed a bike cos mum thought id end up hurt...yeh prolly woulda but i dont think getting hurt is the end of the world (that said i know when i did ballet even my ballet teacher said no bike riding) but it mite be something ill start doing...

Anyway im off to sit in front of the air conditioner with a pepsi max lol enjoy all!

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