Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday December 16

YAY its my friday. Last nite i didnt get to sleep till after midnight...dont think it was that it was warm...but just one of those nites when my brain was overthinking (how unusual for me eh?)

Work just gave us ANOTHER xmas present...this is a oven dish with shortbread cookies, candy cane, nuts, chocolates etc...its the 3rd "food" related present lol

Last nite i seriously made the scrummiest dinner...i got some chicken breast...diced it and sprinkled it with chicken seasoning and cooked it in a pan with bacon and onion...then added box choy and shredded cabbage with mashed potato on the side...whole dinner was 6.5 points and it was huge...super yummii so impressed with how adventorous im getting with my cooking lately...not pasta every nite lol but still getting my carbs in. Tonite i am planning to make a home made pizza...and following what Jo posted the other day...gonna try garlic prawns with it (cut up small of course! lol)

I hope it calls down a lil tonite...i didnt walk last nite and today is suppose to be 39 with a cool change this fingers crossed after dinner i can fit in a decent walk. Tomorrow is weigh in and i am hoping for a 2 kilos loss...which would be good...only 6 days since weigh in...BUT i had been eating crap the few weeks prior too so a lot of it is prolly water loss...but it will be good to be edging towards that 45 kilo loss again.

Okies not much else going to do some work...yes honest !

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Tania said...

LOL @ food related presents - I think companies do that because it's something that suits everyone - I say they should just give you money!

Your dinner sounds nice, if you braved that heat walking tonight I think it's time to admit that the exercise has finally fried your brain ... lol ... either that or you need to start bottling that incredible motivation of yours!

Oh and I don't care about it being your Friday as I am hoping mine will come around sooner rather than later.