Thursday, December 03, 2009

So i went to the gym today but didnt work out ! lol Me and fiona ended up just talking i told her pretty much everything i have written over the last few days in my journal and she told me she had been concerned i wasnt eating enough and enough variety. I explained to her how i earn about 52 exercise points per week but never eat them...she asked how they work out the points...and i was like age, height, weight activity level...shes like what activity level have u put down? I was like...the lowest...sedentry...shes like no...your more active then most people...i want you to redo that so it reflects the exercise your doing. So i have done gave me 4 extra points per day...i normally earn 7-8 exercise points per no counting exercise points and ill just stick to that and see how it goes. Then we talked about carbs lol...she suggested i look for healthier carbs...and eat pasta a couple of times per week...and eat my grainy bread and get off this low carb deal and just start eating better carbs. She then reminded me of how well ive done...she was like i know you dont necessarily see it but u have improved so dont get sick dont have dizzy spells...i use to have to be so careful with you cos you really didnt cope well with the exercise in the you are still dealing with some health issues...start relaxing and being kinder to yourself. OKies thats the shortened version haha ;) Basically readdress my food...and stop stuffing up my body by not eating enuff variety and by not eating enuff! lol

THEN she told me she wants me to buy a vegetable ive never had and just try i did! well a few! sweet potato...and eggplant...anyone got good recipe for eggplant? I also bought carrots, cabbage and cauliflower...holy smokes! Now just gotta eat it all.

OKies enuff writing off to sleep...and tomorrow i am going to the gym...and gonna hit that treadmill!

Oh and have i mentioned lately i have a fab personal trainer? ;)

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Katali said...

Ratatouille! WW does a good one, although it can be a bit much if you aren't into vegies.

Or, I make a pasta sauce from scratch, using capsicum, carrot, mushroom, eggplant and zucchini. I just chop some up and chuck it in a pot for a while, then add about 2 cans of peeled and diced tomatoes, and whatever flavouring/herbs you like. It lasts for AGES and it's what originally put me on to eating vegies, because you get the nutrients but it's still yum. There's always heaps of sauce left over, so I freeze it in individual portion containers and pull it out to microwave when I'm tired, because all I have to do then is make pasta.

Also, the above is really good if you grill a sausage or two and cut it into pieces to add to the sauce when you go to eat it. It ups the points quite a lot (a sausage is what, 4pts at least?) but if you've got some spare then you mightn't need to worry as much.