Thursday, December 03, 2009

Right at this moment i have the hugest craving...for a nice grainy roll with chicken on it! And what thats making me realise is over the last month or so ive prolly been too restrictive,,,and thats prolly where last nites post came from. I need to remember this is for life...and whilst i need to increase red meat and fruit n vegetables i need to still be eating food i enjoy. Last nite i coulda eaten non stop ! LOL i did eat a bowl of pasta...and a piece of cheese but thats not the end of the world...but it has made me think maybe i have focused too much on the hasnt been the focus is to do this for life, or to make sure im getting all i need nutritionally to keep me healthy...its been all about getting those numbers down...and yes get healthy is partly about that...but its not the be all and end all....and i really wish i had other ways to judge my success on...i know we can measure ourselves but thats not too accurate when you live alone...there is what fiona mentioned about taking more note of my body fat composition then the number of the scales (part of me is worried if i start to have carbs at lunch i will gain as i ahve only been having carbs for breakfast) I think i just need to get a nice balance...and also not eat the same meal every friggin day ! Which is what i tend to do...i need to have salads some days...sandwiches other potatos some days...and i think i need to eat more "food i enjoy" anyways its more tweaking of the plan to suit me...and seriously if the having some processed foods...and carbs means i stay at the same weight for a few months...but my fitness levels increase...and my body shape changes some more then theres nothing really wrong with that...its NOT failing...and thats the problem those scales are such a determinant of how successful we are and if i am not successful on the scales...i feel like a failure. I was talking to fiona the other day...and she was like...if you feel good about yourself and your week and then you step on the scales and the result you get your not happy with and it plays with your mind...then thats where the issue is...because mentally its much better to be positive and focussed and eat well KEEP turning up at the gym...part of me sometimes thinks i should go to monthly weighing you can prolly tell im a lil confused over stuff at the moment...i felt i had to be restrictive with carbs and processed foods to get decent results (and i did 4 kilos lighter then a month ago) but at the same time i am now having i need to sort this out...i think maybe its just bout balance and getting the right balance of fresh, fruit, vegetables etc and treats so i dont feel like im missing out

PT tonite...YAY more i go...enjoy all !

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