Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Been doing a bit of thinking...the last few days especially in the evening i have been craving carbs, so i am going to stop with the carbs restricting...i do wanna take some focus of the scales...what i really need to do is work out other measurements of success...ive lost 26 kilos this year...which is a damn good effort...i am reverting to simply counting points and eating a wide variety of thing they do say on diet doctors is eat carbs and protein each meal. Count my points. But i want the next 12 months focus to be more on fitness and reshaping my body. I do wanna do the 7.2km walk for the mothers day classic, the 12km in the city to bay. But within that i wanna start living more...swimming, biking just healthy living...not to say im not gonna lose more weight jsut wanna change the focus and with that i think the weight loss will come along too.

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