Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before i lost any weight my clothes were all skin tight and to get into jeans i had to do this wriggle to get jeans on. Now they are not tight but out of habit i still do this lil wiggle...well yesterday morning whilst doing this i felt it in my back and my back is still blooming sore today...the deep heat has had one good workout !

So four more days then 3 days off then 2 more days (with one day getting paid double time and a half) then a blissful 22 days off from work ! damn i cannot wait...the last time i had such a long time off work was back in july 2007 when i ended up getting sick first day of my holidays....was a damn shitty holiday! Hopefully this one goes much better...with lots of activity...and some lunch catchups and some relaxationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I really do miss the gym...which is funny cos my last few sessions it was the last place i wanted to be ! LOL I am not scheduled to return till december 2 which is still another 2 weeks away i will be busting to get back into it all by then. I really need to up the sick and tired of being alone...and whilst 99% of the top i live a rather happy life there are certainly times i miss not being in a relationship. I think sometimes i throw myself so much into the gym because well i dont have a partner theres nothing stopping me from it and at least i get out of the house...that said this toning chit really needs to kick itself up and really need to start seeing differences in my body. I think doing body pump several times per week...throwing in body balance plus doing what i had already been doing...including a few of my long walks should hopefully kick everything into action. Cos i seriously of sick of being this size...and this number on the scales...but we will see how i go.

Anyways not much else to say off i go...since i am SUPPOSE to be working mwuahahahahha


Martine said...

Have a happy Christmas ! Bravo for doing pump classes, that is my January goal.

Tania said...

Just think of all that attention you've been getting since you've been losing weight. You'll be fighting them off with a stick before you know it ;-)

Have to admit that i'm looking forward to my PT session on Tuesday, I haven't been to the gym or on the treadmill much since doing the rediculously early starts and i'm really starting to miss it too!

Try not to work too hard mate!