Monday, December 21, 2009

Well the journal has finally gone private. Its a relief. A big part of why i needed to do it is over the last few months i have got in contact with my aunty (my dads sister) via facebook...then my cousin (whose dad was the one who climbed in my bed) also found me...and we have been chatting a bit....and recently she started asking questions about what happened when her dad visited for my dads funeral. Anyway its made me realise she could find out a lot by reading my journal and i have no desire to hurt her or cause her issues with the memory of her dad (he has since passed away) hence why the journal needed to go private. It will of course prolly mean i wont get as many readers but so be it.

The more i read and research...the more convinced counting calories and eating around 1800 calories convinces me this is the right track on to get the numbers on the scales moving. You CANNOT tell me with all the exercise and good eating ive done this year the scales havent moved apart from when i ate hardly any carbs...i think sticking to 1800 calories will work YAY. I have been venturing to different forusm especially 3 fat chicks and its nice getting a different perspective on especially liking the fact they have PCOS forum and a calorie counting forum.

Anyway my sister and family arrive in Adelaide in a couple of hours...nearly time to go home from work .... run a errand and then head over to mums to visit with them

Have a good day all !


Tania said...

I think it's important that you feel comfortable blogging about what you want when you want. Hope you enjoy your time with the kids, i'd be interested to see how much impact others have found their weight loss journeys with PCOS!

Debbie said...

I totally understand why you felt the need to go private! You may not have quite as many readers, but the important thing is you're continuing your journey!

I hope the 1800 calories works for you!

Enjoy your visit with your family!

Martine said...

Glad you have done what you feel is best for you, good for you for changing things around with the food and I am sure 1800 calories will work. Look forward to hearing how that goes. You are very inspirational and please be aware that some of us would like to be more like you !! Mx

jo said...

I understand why you've gone private--and it's kind of you to have concern for your cousin.

I have many issues I would love to talk about and get off my chest, but don't want to do so in a public forum. I don't want my blog to go private, but yet it puts a limit on what I discuss there.

I'm glad the 1800 is working! I'm playing around trying to find what works for me--I know I wasn't losing on lower calories, I just need to find the magic number.

Thank you for approving me and letting me continue to follow you.