Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday December 17

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I miss the gym! Seriously after only 3 bloody days lol but i think thats a good the time january 2 comes along i am gonna be busting to get back into it. I have been doing a lot of thinking. In all honesty ever since i had the chat about my eating with fiona a few weeks ago. In that chat firstly she told me to eat more...and when we were talking about carbs etc (And remembering fiona is a trainer not a dietician) she turned around and said "what does Jillian say?" now it was partly said as a joke...but she did comment to me...seeing as you respect her so should go on what she we know what she says works...this really got me thinking and when i got home that nite i came home and pulled out Jills book again. Fiona has also been talking to me a bit about getting out of the "diet" mentality and moving towards a "lifestyle" mentality. Now this week with the etools on the ww site i have tried eating half my exercise points....its doing my head in!!! I gets so friggin confusing! I need something simpler lol. Anyway so i pulled out Jillians book....and pen and paper....and worked out calories...what was so good about this...was Jillians method takes into account how active your job is as well as your exercise!Bonus! I can feel secure to being on a right track. So...i have decided to relax things a bit for the rest of the year...still eat as i have in some walks...after today i have to work 7 days straight. Then its xmas day...and a few days of relaxing followed by a couple of days of work then 22 days off work ! The first days apart from my birthday i will be busy putting some things in place....and they are...getting body fat scales...and buying some bloody board shorts! January a new plan of attack...1600 calories on non exercise days and 1800 calories on exercise days (should be 1800 calories most days), check my body fat percentage and record my hips, waist and bust measurements and lastly my weight...and thats exactly how i wasnt to look at it LASTLY the weight on the scales. I will prolly weigh etc weekly but really only be putting in my journal once a month. At the end of january i will look then at the big picture and hopefully i will have lost somewhere between 2 kilos to 4 kilos...if i do that i will be happy...enuff with the unrealistic expectations...but also just seeing the centimetres and body fat reducing too. As long as that happens ill continue as is...if not ill either reduce the calories by 100 or increase them by 100...(if i exercise a lot that month ill increase it by 100) but if i lose at least 2 kilos and the measurements are reeducing and the body fat reducing nothing will change. The year will be filled with lots of fitness classes, lots of walks, weekly swimming....and just turning into a fitness machine ;) (seriously....exercise is my strength...and im going with my strength! After all i have that mothers day classic and city to bay walks to work towards)

Something else ive been thinking know the story of the saggy, baggy elephent? lol well thats my upper thighs and wrinkly with excess stomach has creases and is far from firm...its been fat for years but its loose and jiggly lol and im not phased by that at someways its like a medal for the work ive done...but i think i need to reasses my goal weight. Whilst i realise ive lost 40 kilos and i prolly dont have heaps of loose skin considering that but i think at least initially i will end up with 5-10 kilos of excess skin. So whilst my bone structure is rather small...i dont think 76 kilos is being realistic so im altering that to 86 least initially.

So thats the plan but before i thing.... "We use the number on the scale to measure our progress not because it is the most accurate, but because it is the most convenient."


donna said...

would love to carry on reading your journel as im with you in 2010 exercise comes first and the food will follow
cheers kazz

shazza48 said...
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shazza48 said...

just noticed you are going private and thank god I saw just in the nick of time! I would love to keep reading your journal, life wouldn't be the same without it.

Woops, nearly forgot my email address.

Tania said...

Oh how true is that saying, and lets face it sometimes convenience equals laziness!

I love the way you shake things up so much, there's no chance that you're ever going to get bored with a program and fail, because you change the program before getting to that stage - again I KNOW i'm too lazy (or time restricted) to do that - I stick with points because they're easy and I know them ... I think they call it being stuck in a rut ... lol

Bring on January!

LellyJ said...


I'm pretty sure that I already sent you an email, but just in case my email address is

I would love to keep reading your journal

Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Me too!!!