Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday September 9

I have a confession to make...about 4 weeks ago i went back to the gyms dietician. And i must admit its going rather good so far :) Last week i lost 200 grams...i weigh in tomorrow again and im hoping for around a kilo...but u never know with bloomin scales. But i have been very good. Only processed foods ive really been eating are my treat i have after dinner....which is usually a ww cheesecake or skinny cow icecream. Anyway its ages since ive eaten so healthy. But ive been making sure i get lots of variety...and i have now gained a addiction to bloody dried dates! Ive also been taking wraps with cold meat and cream cheese to friggin yummy! Tonite ive got out beef schnitzel so i think i mite lightly crumb it and have it on a bread roll with salad and a slice of swiss cheese...yum yum

Tomorrow is day off YAY, so tomorrow morning i see the dietician and then a hours PT session with fiona and then i will come home and die! lol No actually i need to plant those bloody plants cos i still havent planted them! LOL i checked them this morning and they are still looking all lovely in their lil pots. And i need to do some house work and washing. But the good thing is i only work 3 days and then got monday and tuesday off...and last full weekend off before 4 weekends off YAY!

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