Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday September 8

well "someone" told me i need to redo my blog layout lol funnily enuff i had been thinking the same thing. So soon as i get some new pics i will do a different layout...id like to do something with possibly a lighter background.

Have been having stomach cramps the last few days so will skip the gym tonite...thursday i am doing a double PT session...so will be weights followed by boxing - ill be one tired girl that afternoon! lol

The scales have dropped about a kilo YAY and OMG i am wearing my size 20 trousers today! I think they must be a very forgiving size 20 and they are tight but YAY for me....size 20! So today..size 20 top and size 20 trousers...cant complain about that at all.

One of the ww girls is organising a op shop tour for in november...so i think i will aim to buy all things size 16-20 i will then get some things to grow into.

The other exciting news is i have been talking to a couple of girls on pink sofa...one asked me today about meeting up for a coffee so mite do that sometime (altho she is a skinny thing so im sure it will be friends only - which is all good - can never have too many friends ;)

Okies off i go !

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