Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday September 6

Well delightful TOM arrived today...kinda good cos now i know why ive been up a kilo the last few days. My thighs are still friggin sore...thank you ms fiona for that! lol all those blooming squats we were doing in boxing no doubt. Last nite i tried to do some more pushups on my toes...and i am sure i am going lower ! YAY fiona asked me the other day if im still doing them at home and she said the look i gave her basically said "are you insane" hahah

This princess doesnt start work till 9am tomorrow morning so YAY sleep in till 7.45am wooo hoooo now hurry up and bring my WHOLE day off for this week *rolls eyes* I didnt plant my vegetable plants last nite...slack slack slack of me! I promise tonite i will presume its not pouring with rain...its looking dark and very windy outside so im thinking rain is about to tumble.

Went out for a 15 minute walk at lunch time and we are planning to play basketball in our last 15 minute break YAY...3 1/2 hours and this work day is over...enjoy ur sunday all !

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