Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday September 10

So woke up bright and early on my bloody single day off...and off to the gym i went...weighed in and lost 2.3 i am back down to 131 kilos...only a kilo off the dreaded 130 kilo....but we decided not to focus on that at this point. Anyway i weighed in morning instead of evening so it prolly was in reality a loss of around 1.3 kilos but still thats good. Then i went and did 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of boxing. I went down much further then previously when doing push ups...and fiona commented i am getting much stronger. Fiona was also saying when the gym moves to the new club (which is happening october 6) they are going to be starting to do kickboxing classes. Dunno if i could handle that or not but its a will be interesting to see their new timetable for the fitness classes.

I bought a skipping rope the other day i tried to use it today...LOL omg so freaking hard...amazing something that u loved doing as a so hard and so much hard work...but i will persevere!

I am still contemplating the whole swimming deal...ive put it off cos my thighs are so freaking disgusting its not funny....but i would so love to go swimming...specially as summer is coming so we will see !

And with that...i am off to bed to watch some tv...before getting in a early nite !


JustJo said...

I hear ya on the thighs thing and swimming!! I HATE my thighs with a passion, they are by far the worst part of my boddy - all dimply and saggy and just plain YUCK!!
I actually go swimming in togs and a pair of lycra bike pants. They hold the saggy bits in, and no one even gives me a second glance... I love it!!

Kathiej said...

Can you not wear board shorts?
I actually like Just Jo have a pair of bike pants to the knees made out of swimming material and it is fab
Go on you will love it Kazz