Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday September 12

Im at work this morning and we have been busy...thats just wrong ! Being busy on a saturday morning...gee people go watch the footy or something instead of ringing ME!

Remember i mentioned the girl i had been chatting to who had thought about transgendering? Well...she asked me to go out to dinner...that was fine...spoke to her last nite via msn...then this morning at 6.30am i logged on to check my emails etc i kid u not the minute my msn loaded she was messaging me to say good morning! Good lawd! wtf are lesbians so full on? gawd.

So for the girls who mentioned wearing the bike pants swimming...where did u get the from? Do you just use bike pants you can get from target or somewhere? Cos I really would love to go swimmin...i have a local pool...with a gym...whilst i dont need a gym...if i was to go there a few times per week i think it turns out cheaper to get a cheapo membership.

Tonite im making a big batch of spaghetti for dinner, its so nice with the days getting longer...only about another 4 weeks till we will have daylight savings...not only is it easier to get to the gym then but the nites im not gyming i can at least go for a walk after dinner.

Okies off to do some work...enjoy your saturday all


Tania said...

Oh the nerve of them calling you on a Saturday! Is that the gym that you used to go to a while back? Have to admit i'm very tempted by a gym i've discovered recently that has a pool, but still not quite sure I can fit it in at the moment, will have to wait and see and keep walking and wii-ing in the meantime ... lol

JustJo said...

Bike Pants - I looked at Rebel sports and they had them in the swimming section, but I found them on TrdaeMe (our version of EBay) much cheaper. You can probably get them at target or K-Mart as well. I always go for the shiny ones, cos they tend to "blend in" more. Good luck :)

Kathiej said...

Kazz I get mine from Dale and waters in wa over the internet good for big ppl but u r not one of them so I think I have seen them in target too