Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday September 11

It is completely amazing to think i have been ging to the gym for 13 months. I am sure if it wasnt for fiona (my personal trainer) i would have given up within months...but finally finding the right trainer really has made a difference. One of the things i have learnt more then anything thru her is this is my journey,,,peoples comments, attitudes, actions, belief of what i should or shouldnt, peoples expectations have no impact on my journey....its my journey...i own it. And thats a huge thing to learn and accept...once i realised i didnt have to be pleasing everyone else i certainly started doing better.

My shoulders and neck are bloomin sore! At the end of yesterdays PT session fiona was giving me my massage and she was like "what on earth have you done to your shoulders they are rock solid hard and up around your ear holes" lol i was like ummm i dunno? So she gave me a hard massage...felt fine yesterday...this morning i wake up and they are friggin killing me! They are so sore...and i can feel how tight they are..also my arms are killing i texted fiona...told her i am cursing her...her response ? "bless" lol...ill be blessing something shortly thats for sure ! lol

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YAY jaimee is coming in to work tomorrow to meet me for lunch (there u go chicka your on my journal lol) and we found out today the WHOLE centre has the long weekend in october public holiday off OMG this is awesome...the friday before we have "Ofest" which is a fun afternoon (for example last year it was a even hosted by Dave Hughes...vanessa amarosi performed and i met her and had my pic taken with her! food...massages...tarot cards etc its like a 3 1/2 day weekend YAY

Okies off to do a few things before heading to bed...early morning tomorrow as i am working tomorrow !

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Tania said...

So even Fernwood are focussing on the whole body and mind side of weight loss, that's great news! It's true though, what is that saying "no one can upset you without your permission". Try not to work hard over the weekend.