Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday September 13

I had a shitty negative day yesterday. I seem to get these every few weeks lately. Really frustating, generally it happens after a big loss and then i seem to gain a lil (900 grams yesterday) even tho ive still been eating everything okay...and yes i know all that our bodies do fluctuate at different time for different reasons, and people can say dont weigh yourself daily...well nope im always gonna do that lol but its still a lil annoying...I'd personally prefer to not have these large losses and say lose 2oo grams per week but lose every week...oh well...i still do wonder if i am eating BMR is 2600 and im eating 1700 calories...mite discuss this a lil more with the dietician tomorrow. And when i get in these moods...i really get down on myself for not being further along in the journey then i am...and i lose that belief that i can do it...i think its happened so much lately cos i dont seem able to break the 130 kilo barrier and STAY under it...but i know it took so long to put on the weight etc etc no need to tell me all of that stuff..this is just my lil vent which i am entitled too :)

That said i feel better today...the scales have dropped 400 grams. Even tho its sunday its my friday as i have monday and tuesday off work...tomorrow morning i see the dietician then i have a training session with fiona and i also have one tuesday morning. I did text fiona yesterday to see if we could do either session for a hour so we could do some of the well ness planning so i can do a bit of refocusing...soooooo we may do that tomorrow instead of a work out...thats all dependant on whether i can come up with my "strengths" the one question in the last lot of homework she gave me ive been stuck on lol

The rest of the 2 days off i plan on just pottering around the the the house (having had only one day off last week i didnt clean!) i also am planning to catch up on some of my viewing...i have recorded so much stuff of foxtel now i wanna sit down and watch it all! Especially all my crime stuff (yeh im a sick gal lol)

With that...time to do these last 8 hours then two days off Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Katali said...

I have a strength for you! -- Even if you get scared and run away sometimes, you ALWAYS run back. There's a couple words for that: courage, determination...spunk! (I love that word, so old fashioned, but I think it applies. You've got spunk, Kaz!)