Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday September 14

Before i forget thanks katali for the nice comment =]

Woke up bright and early off YAY...went in and saw the dietician...weighed in and woohoo lost 400 grams...i was very impressed with this seeing my last weigh in was last thursday! Not only that it was the big 2.3 kilos...when then talked a bit...mostly about how maybe my negative thinking and my OVERthinking holds me back...i was telling her how anything i become interested in i research the wahoozas out she wants me to do some reading up on negative thoughts becoming negative results as well as positive thinking becoming positive results.

I then went to PT with fiona...and i was telling her how i kinda regret entering works biggest loser competition...everyone expects ill win and i WONT i cant compete with guys doing shake diets! But the problem is that i feel im under pressure because of everyones expectations...fiona simply turned around and said...i thought this mite happen (damn trainer who knows me too well obviously!) but yanno im not gonna focus on it too much or try not too...its annoying when people and so have lost 5 kilos (and ive only lost around 2.9 kilos) i KNOW they are not doing it the healthy way....oh well enough grumbling! Anyway we then did the weights session, was the final week of the current program (thank gawd im so over squats, lunges and boses but who wants to bet all those appear in the next program too lol) I need to go buy some gloves to wear while doing weights (girlie gloves as fiona calls em lol) whilst i can lift and pull all the weights....i have soft girlie hands and i wanna keep em! lol and fiona was like you HAVE to go buy some lol she was like you cant get away from it...these weights are not gonna get easier! So mite go out sunday arvo looking for some. Tomorrow i have boxing PT session.

Friday nite i have a appointment to have my hair trimmed and coloured. Saturday i work during the day and heading out for dinner with Jaimee for a catchup saturday nite. Then sunday ill pop into town...look for some gloves...also my sister gave me for xmas 2007 some bath beads (i think thats what they are called!) and ive run out and they were AWESOME for using in my i mite go to the body shop and see if i can get some. I also am planning to buy a summer dress...prolly one of those maxi dresses...if i do...mite have to take a photo on the weekend...a smiley photo with my teeth showing LOL (so nice now to be worried about people seeing my teeth!)

Eve (my dietician) has given me a couple of muffin is muffins with a apricot sauce the other are some muffins made with all-bran (thats the lowest GI cereal available i found out today!) so will test them out on the weekend...prolly make the all bran ones this weekend...if they are nice...ill post the recipe!

Wat else did i learn today? A stab wound is deeper then it is wider while a incision is wider then it is deep hahahha just some trivia i discovered in my latest crime book ! lol

BTW that loss today took me to 130.6 kilos so im back over a 40 kilos loss...40.3 kilos to be exact yay! (thats 88.66 pounds for the yanks ;))

Ok enjoy all !


266 said...

You are disapearing! Don't stress about the work thing... it's much, much more important to do this in a healthy way so that it is sustainable in the long run. You're doing great!

Jody said...

I am soooooo glad you are learning to cook/bake all these yummy recipes!! Now when you come out here next year you can cook/bake for me!! Weeeee!!!