Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday June 24

Well monday nite i was suppose to go to the gym for PT with fiona. Monday nite came along and i didnt want to go...i was tired, it was wet and cold outside...i felt drained and to be perfectly honest all i wanted to do was cook a nice dinner and crawl into bed. So i rang the dietician answered the phone...and was like wats wrong? im like nothings wrong just am tired and want a nite off...she was like i think you should come in, if you miss one session you will do it again and this isnt getting to the goals you want...10 minutes later she was still at me to come in...i said ill think about it and call back in if i dont go. Of course altho she made me feel guilty and made me think im losing my focus to be honest. Anyway last nite i went into the gym...walked in and my dietician was on the desk (ugh) anyway so she says to me ... was last nites decision not to come in a educated one...and i was like...well yeh i think so LOL

Anyway then fiona came and got me for our session and she says...ok eve told me something about u not coming in last nite but i didnt really i tired...i have long days...i have had some stress recently which has led to me not sleeping well...eve (the dietician) has wanted me exercising 7 days a week and i dont feel like i get much downtime between exercising and running a house and maybe a lil bit of a social life...its not leaving much time for anything. Firstly fiona said she completely understood in regards to eve saying i need to workout 7 days a week...she wants to change things so its not "eve said i had to" and have me drive my exercise plan to what "karyn wants to do"...she also said she doesnt care that i missed monday nite and the reasons i said arent excuses they are just the way things are. So after talking to her i felt much better and already today i feel more motivated, i have to see eve not sure what i will say about everything...i am guessing fiona will chat to her but fiona is off today so wont have occurred before i see her. Am i regretting doing the gyms plan? Maybe...i think the eating plan is great and works for me...the issue is that eve is studying towards becoming a personal trainer and personally i feel its crossing the line as in my exercise advice etc should come from fiona in my opinion otherwise i am getting conflicting ways of doing things...currently there is no other dietician at the gym or i would be ringing up the manager to talk to her and transferring to the other ill see how things go over the next few weeks i think the big thing for me is the conflict of information. In the back of my mind i am starting to think i did make a mistake and maybe i shoulda just stuck with weight watchers.

My PT session went really well tho, we started a new program she hd me doing arm rows on this machine .... we started at 25 kilos ! Then she upped to 30 kilos and i prolly coulda gone higher and fiona was like thats insane that on the first week of the program you are doing 25 and 30 kilos...i am getting strong gurlies ! We also did these damn squats where one leg is on a step...fiona was telling me her trainer had her doing them today too lol they were a killer. And the other good thing was another 306 calories burnt ! YAY

Okies off i go !

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