Monday, June 22, 2009

Just tired

I'm tired...not tired like i need a nap...but just feeling drained. Attending the gym after work 4 days per week (and the travelling to the city each day) i just feel tired and bored of it all and a lil over it even. Now i realise i cant suddenly stop going to the gym. Altho that said i didnt go tonite. But i will be back at it tomorrow. I have 2 weeks to go and i have 9 days off work...i will reorganise all my gym sessions that week so that they are during the day...i can have some sleep ins plus time in the evenings for me. Early tonite i was thinking well 6 months in maybe its time for me to struggle? I rang the gym and my bloody dietician answered the phone and wanted to know why i was cancelling...ten minutes later i managed to get off the phone...the other thing is im bored with my warm bored with 30 minutes on the cycle. I think i should be doing some classes...i think my thinking is still at 150 kilos and 170 kilos...i need to kind of realise that im no longer those weights and i am in fact 20 kilos under 150 kilos.

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Jody said...

Ok here we go, I bet you think I'm gonna give you the "You Can Do It" speech...ummmm nope!!

I feel ya, sistah!! There are times I am just plain tired too! Tired of the gym...tired of dieting. Do I like it when I get those feelings?? Hell no!! I am so afraid me being tired etc. means I've given up and want to quit and will go back to bad habits.

As you log in your journal though, as I log. I've notice a pattern. When I'm struggling with being tired etc., it's around the time I am in a plateau. I do stop going to the gym...(like for 4 to 7 days.) I still watch what I eat, (I do have like one thing or meal not the best for me. This DOESN'T mean for you to run down to the local McDonalds or KFC and destroy what you've worked so hard for hahah) and then it's like I'm refueled. Ready to do it again. (and for some reason this rest period for me gives me a boost and I have a really good weight loss's for a few more weeks)

I get that excited feeling again, anxious to go to the gym. Look forward to my weigh ins. Thinking, "Wow this is so easy! I can this forever!!"

Kazz, the first time this happened I was so scared of thinking I'd lost my momentum. I even brought it up in a WW meeting and no one really gave much feedback. I worked it through...and perhaps, have had that "tired" feeling 3 more times, but I did come back revitalized! Now, I just "Listen to my body" and when I'm "tired" I don't stress, I just work past it.

So, don't get down or discouraged. Just use this time to relax and have fun else where. Take a small break, then give it your all. Just like you have these past few months.

I hope this helps. And BTW smart ass my rowing trainer is a young college guy, who rows for his University. And trust me I'm too old and tired wanting or thinking about being stroked in any way!! Sheesh I can't take you anywhere!!! LOL