Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22

Had a lovely day yesterday. In the morning i finished watching will & grace and then went to fellinis for lunch with tania which was super nice and yummii as per usual !

Saturday nite i was suppose to go out with robyn....well lo and behold (ni surprise really) she messages me last week to say she cant afford to go out - im like okay fine. Then on saturday i find out she went out with some friends of mine saturday nite ! So last nite i said...what did you do on the weekend and she is like "oh went to the mars bar saturday nite but didnt drink" holy hell and she said it with not a conscience in the time she says lets go just gonna say no i think its fine we leave it as is.

Very sad situation has occurred and i am incredibly distraught over it (hehe) her royal hawtness has quit the gym..sad sad sad...whats the point of me going to the gym anymore hehe :)

Foodwise been very good...i am hoping i will slide back under 130 kilos this week...fingers crossed ! Tonite i have boxing. I have actually been thinking about going back to doing classes. I havent done any since i hurt my neck...nor have i been on the eleptical trainer. I know why...i feel like such a dork in the i dont belong...personal training is fine cos its just me no comparison to others...but damn on the cardio equipment and in fitness classes i feel like such a dork and i really wish i could get over that so i could do more variety at the gym.

Not a lot else to say and well its just about lunchtime ! Must head off! xox

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