Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Firstly before i forget when i trained with fiona the other nite we did the final week of the current program and then she asked next program anything you wanna work on? So *gulp* i said to work towards pushups...omg what have i let myself into????

Anyway last nite i played 30 minutes of tennis while wearing my heart rate monitor - hardly worth the bother on a exercise perspective it burnt a whole 70 calories over 30 minutes...wackado! Today i did a upper body workout with the "my personal trainer" game which was a lot more respectable. I burnt 270 calories in 30 minute and 40% of that was fat burning. I didnt get my heart rate as high as i did when working out with fiona which is not surprising. I didnt mind that game...the first 10 minutes was cardio which is what i prolly struggle with the most. The last 20 minutes was hand weights and plies and pushups against the wall and crunches....all things that i cope fine with. But i will do it again tomorrow. It also has cardio workouts, lower body, yoga and flaxibility. Mite do flexibility or yoga tomorrow. And i also think this week i will get EA action, i keep hearing rave reviews about it my only concern is if i struggle too much with it.

Today i have had a completely lazy day...slept in till 8.30am watched some acropolis now, wills & grace (still gonna watch them this evening) and some 2 and a half men (love that show !)Tonight for dinner i am making my low fat carbonara.

Have decided over xmas i am going to take about 3 weeks off work. From about December 30 thru till about 25th january. Why? Well for one week i have not gone out and celebrated new years eve for proly 10 years or more...last year i had to be at work at 7am on new years day and robyn kept texting me all nite saying come to the party i am at lol so i am determined this year if plans come up...ill be out and about ! Also i am gonna go to Sydney for 4-5 days. An old school friend who recently got in contact with me i'd like to go see and meet her baby before its not a baby anymore lol plus just some spoiling me time!

Tomorrow i "think" i am going to lunch with Tania which will be nice always good having our catchups. Apart from that not too much else going on....but lets not forget...only 2 weeks till i am on leave and 2 weeks on monday till my new lounge suite and entertainment centre arrive !

Oh and in case u missed it i ate mashed pumpkin mixed with mashde potato...wasnt a huge amount of pumpkin but was some....and the aim is now to keep increasing that...ok off to cook dinner...enjoy all xox

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