Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19

WOW i am super impressed at the moment. Yesterday i was feeling very blah about things (TOM is due any day now so i suspect it was just hormonal) anyway dragged my ass to the gym...and used my heart rate monitor. Super impressive! It showed in 39 minutes i burnt 423 calories...25% of that was body fat average heart rate was 74% and the maximum was 94%. Fiona was really impressed...especially that my heart rate got right up there but my recovery was good. Fiona was like i cant wait to get u into boxing with the heart rate monitor. Tonight i am planning to spend the evening doing my wii...will be interesting to see the calories burnt playing tennis on it.

I slept so good last nite. Seems like every 2nd or 3rd nite i have a awesome sleep and then i feel much better the next day. And today being friday i am feeling really good. Tomorrow i will sleep in and i am even contemplating going to the gym - i havent been to the gym on saturday for at least a month, but i may venture in and do a class...i always feel so self conscious in them which is why i seem to avoid the classes lol

Eve wants me to make some vegetable fritters this weekend so will give them a whirl tomorrow hopefully i like them.

Okies not much else to say - have a good day all

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