Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18

Ive been a lil slack over the last few days with reason but pure slackness. Weighed in last nite and gained 1.4 kilos. dammit...the annoying thing is it doesnt really match my scales and so i am wondering if my scales are not being very accurate i wont weigh in again this week and see how it all goes next wednesday night. The other thing is ive discoverred that there is sodium ascorbate in it which i am figuring will make me retain a lil bit and i am guessing this will make me retain till my body settles down a bit with these meds.

Foodwise i have been really good since saturday...even had some vegetable soup at lunch yesterday and a mouthful of greenbeans on monday nite ! lol I get my fruit and vegetables delivered and when i did the order yesterday even ordered some pumpkin! Wholly hell i gonna tomorrow nite cut a cube off...yes just a cube lol and boil it and mash it with my potatos and see if that will help me to increase my vegies.

Gawd I added a old friend on to facebook yesterday (jody was chubbs) and who the hell is in her friends list??? No one else but bloomin ang. So today i instead gave her my email addy and said id need to remove her as a friend LOL last thing i need to see is posts by ang.

I got my heart rate monitor tuesday night and tonite is the first real nite of testing it out. So will be interesting to see how many calories get burnt. Its quite a nifty lil was expensive but hopefully well worth it.

I am soooooooooo desperate for this weekend and a huge sleep in ! I have had so much trouble falling asleep this week and been so tired every morning blah

Okies nothing else of excitement going off i go...toodles xox

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