Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16

Isn't it funny how peoples perceptions of you start to change as you lose weight. We have a receptionist here...never spoke to me before a month ago. Yesterday i am leaving work she comes out in the reception area and was like "i got told i need to see your haircut, twirl around for me" so weird .... now im not jsut a fat blimp i guess i am acceptable to her lol

I am just amazed...i grew up in sydney and like most kids had a best friend, her name was kerrie and we knew each other from grade 3 but became best friends in year 7, and her family i was really close too there home became a bit of a retreat for me when dad was sick. Anyway as we got older and we moved away me and kerrie grew apart but i became good friends with her younger sister...well her younger sister added me as a friend on facebook today and she is now married and with a baby (i knew about the marriage but the baby was a surprise!) Ill be looking forward to chatting to her.

Went to the gym last nite...since i have gone back to the gyms eating program Fiona has taken a very keen interest in my diet. Anyway i told her about my adversity to vegetables and things that pop in my mouth lol then of course last nite i told her about the blood test results, her son had very bad anaemia so she is quite educated on it. So then anyway she was like i think i will talk to eve (my dietician) about all of this and come up with a plan...she seems to think if i eat a certain vegetable 20 times by the end i will have adjusted to it LOL i dont think she realises how bad i am or what she is letting herself into.

With luck fiona may also go and get my heart rate monitor today YAY will be interesting to see if that helps me.

Robyn cancelled our plans for this weekend. LOL i am thinking they arent gonna happen thats fine....

Okies not much else...enjoy xox


Jody said...

Hahaha...my perception of you ....fat...skinny...tall...short...old...young is always the same. Never changes...you are a DORK!!!! I wake early every day, just to see what dorky thing you say today!! No other way to start a day.

Jody said...

But...I love you...and THAT truely is the sad part!! Hahahahha

kazz said...

Of course you love me ! If you didnt love me I would have to poke you in the eye with a fork hahahahha

Jody said...

HEY!!! Wait a minute...eyeballs aren't Veggies! Go poke a cucumber or something!! Leave my eyeballs alone.