Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15

Lawd monday morning already!

The hair got cut and is rather short...I am still adjusting to it the photo i uploaded on face book doesnt really look how it is now ive adjusted to doing it myself and its so weird seeing so much of my face but i am sure i will adjust.

Yesterday i spent most the day in bed...truly...i was tired and my hip is aching a lot (REALLY sore today cant wait for fiona to streth me out tonite) actually my joints especialy my hips and thighs been hurting a lot the last month or so but i put it down to old age haha now i realise its to do with the iron levels. I also now have a explaination for all the bloody bruises on my legs and why i bruised so much when i had the blood test.

This weekend is starting to look busy, friday nite is a grrls nite at mojo west but robyn is having a clothes party so i may go to her place, i looked at the catalogue online and some nice clothes by the looks of it.

Today im working till 5pm then off to the gym for PT .... weights i am presuming.

After my bad eating on friday this morning I am still 1.4 kilos of last weeks weigh in ... LOL i think i am headed for another gain ! CRIPES ! LOL oh well nothing i can do about that. I have been spot on tho saturday and sunday. Last nite i made a pizza on pita bread i had baked a chicken breast with cajun seasoning put that on it with semi dried tomatos, capsicum, mushrooms, onion, pineapple and cheese - was to die for ! So freaking yummii ! Tonite i am gonna have a marinated steak with mashed potato and beetroot and tomato - yeh i know its weird to eat salad in winter but i dont eat many vegetables so its the price i pay !

OKies off to do some work xox

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Hippygal said...

Like you I have trouble with veges and have things like cucumber and tomato's in the winter as well...