Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday June 13

Well well well firstly yesterday i was BAD no other way to put it. It involved pastries and cakes at the work do followed by mcdonalds - eek ! But whats done is done no point griping over it now. Last nite i set up the wii! OMG so addicted ! i love the tennis and i also got this game tv show king party which i love lol its like a cross between who wants to be a millionaire and wheel of fortune.

This morning i headed off to the docs to get my blood test results fully expecting them to say everythings improved your doing great ! Alas that wasnt quite how it went lol firstly my liver results improved he thinks theres no issue with my liver except a fatty liver which will continue to improve with my weight loss. My iron levels are a different iron should be between 9 and 27 it is sitting at 7 which is what it was last saturation level which shoudl be between 10 and 55 and was 10 last time is now 9 but the one they are concerned about is my ferritin which should be between 15 and 150...last time it was 15 it has now dropped down to 8 and the doc told me im now iron defficient which he thinks is related to my PCOS and the fact as ive lost weight my periods have become more and more regular and i am losing too much blood. So i am now on iron supplements plus the pill (last time i went on the pill i bled for 7 weeks which is not what they obviously want so this may be trial and error) anyway if it doesnt improve in 3 months the they want to insert a IUD i am SO not wanting that to be done it isnt funny so fingers crossed the pill and the iron supplements help.

Then i went furniture shopping ! I bought a 2 seater sofa in a chocolate brown colour which is soooooooooo dayam comfy (and i figured 2 seater if i meet someone then they HAVE to sit close to me lol) and a chocolate brown entertainment unit with a glass door which is frosted. Here is a link to a picture of it and here is a pic of the lounge suite, i got the 2 seater as my lounge room is quite small but i love it...they had some really nice cherry cushions which i mite go back and buy to sit on it so nice !

Okies..back to the wii followed by my hair appointment this afternoon...bye all !

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