Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12

Well its barely after 7am....i have a few minutes before David comes pick me up so im sitting on my steps trying to quickly update this. Yesterday turned out being a day of very different compliments...when i finished work i was walking around the building and walked past Cain who I prolly havent seen for like a year and im like "hi Cain" and he was like OMG how much weight have you lost? lmfao ! Then i went to the gym and Coralie (the manager) was on the desk and said...eve tells me your doing really well...i was like "ugh well i put on this week" she was like yeh but its all about consistency....she then asked me how i am feeling and i was like real good...i feel the difference..and she was like so glad to hear that....THEN fiona and i are doing boxing...and she is literally killing me and she are my guinea pig i test the combos for boxing on you...i was like gee thanks lol...and she said oh thats a compliment i test them on you cos i know you can do them...she was like thats the highest compliment !

I then after bought my wii and also the game "my personal trainer" i read up on it last sounds real u a fitness test and then every 10 days gives u another...combined with how well u do on the fitness test and what you want to do (upper body, lower body, resistance, flexibility, weight loss - obviously i will do weight loss) and then it does a program for u and no day do u do the same program...tomorrow i will get the EA active and possibly jillians workout...

Anyway david will be here shortly and i need to go to this event at the botanical gardens...have a good day all ! Its friday YAY

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