Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11

Its bonus day ! YAY! I put out the last piece of furniture i needed to get rid of last nite. My house looks so weird as got rid of stuff from the kitchen and lounge room so theres all this space. But of course when you remove furniture u discover how dusty and how much crap is underneath the furniture, plus i have dvds all over the place from me emptying out the entertainment tomorrow nites job is to tidy and vaccuum and then hopefully set up my WII! YAY how exciting !

Tomorrow i have the strategy event with work to go too so get to wear my new pants and top oooh la la la !

My scales dropped 400 grams this morning so still going in the right direction and which of course makes me suspect if i got on the gyms scales now i would be back under 130 kilos lol im really not stressed over the gain last and learn people !

Hopefully my bonus and pay is in my account by the time i go to the gym tonight so i can pay fiona for the heart rate monitor...and then hopefully i will get it early next week. The other good thing was i rang the tax dept the other day to find out how much i still owed on my tax dept i was thinking pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee no more then $600 well wackado ! Its only $177 so yay i will get that paid off tonite...such a huge relief (considering i owed $6000 at one time !)

Tonight we are doing boxing...i havent done any boxing for over a week and somehow i suspect this may kick my ass have a good day all xox

Oh and jaxx - well done on getting approved i am really happy for you :)

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Hippygal said...

Thanks Kazz am stoked :-)