Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday June 25

Yesterday i talked about what im thinking about the gym and the dietician with a bunch of friends at friend said you need to tell her to back off and just deal with ur diet stuff and leave the exercise stuff to fiona...another said....maybe talk to someone at the gym not involved. I am not a confrontational person...more i will stick my head in the sand kind of person. So yesterday i rang the gym hoping to speak to Coralie the manager, she wasnt available so i spoke to Jenna and explained the conflicting advice i am getting and that i am not happy being pressured into working out 7 days per week, i also cancelled my session with eve till its sorted out...cos now that i have broached it i feel it could kinda get confrontational. Anyway Jenna said she would talk to coralie about it, at this stage i havent heard anything from coralie which i am guessing would be cos coralie wants to discuss it with fiona as well as eve. So right at this moment i am kinda in limbo. I am still eating to their diet plan but i did tell them part of me thinks i shoulda stuck with weight watchers. I rang the weight watchers centre in the myer centre as well and made a time for saturday but i may cancel that depending what and IF i hear from the gym. I do have a session with fiona tonite and i know eve is their till 6pm so am a lil concerned about that as i dont want to run into her till this is sorted out. Well i just rang the gym and coralie the manager answered and cant say i am overly happy with the response. She told me she doesnt really want to get involved, she is going to speak to both fiona and eve and she suggested the 3 of us sit down and work things out. She told me her concern is not treating fiona or eve as her subordinate and she wants them to feel empowered to deal with this decision...and okay thats great and all YAY for them...but for me it leaves me feeling about things and kinda makes me feel that as the client i am having to FIX this issue and personally fiona has done NOTHING wrong quite the i dont even really understand why the issue is involving fiona....the issue is that eve oversteps the boundary...ugh so peeved about it all. And i think the more im thinking about it...and the issue that its arising i just dont wanna deal with eve...surely she is gonna be thinking...that i caused her issues. So right at the moment im feeling like "ugh" about everything and really wondering what to do.

Onto other things i am a bit sore since the weights workout the other nite...sore shoulders, thighs and butt - musta been a good workout ! Tonite we have be good to up the cardio...okies off i go.

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Martine said...

Kazz, as a paying client who no doubt spends a lot of money at the gym that isnt good enough. Personally speaking I adore WW at the Myer Centre. My leader Toni does Friday night (not sure if that suits you) - she has lost 73.4 kgs and fabulous. Do what you want to do. No one likes conflict and understand that. Martine