Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday June 7

Had a lovely day yesterday. Picked up my phone in the morning, then just after lunch tania picked me up and we went into town to meet up with jo,tina,sam and martine off the ww forums. After a hot chocolate and a couple of hours of chit chat it was off home to do a quick change and redo the make up before heading out to dinner. Dinner was at a greek restuarant called Eros and while the decor etc of Eros wasnt that flash the food was delicious. It ended up being a very early nite tho and i was home by 8.30pm (sorry tina and girls i didnt meet up with yas later)

Today I am having a very lazy day ;) i have a potato baking in the oven as we speak for lunch. And I just went out and bought the ingredients to make vegetable fritters...yes me ! VEGETABLE fritters...the vegies are all grated so should be dietician wants me to eat 2 per day as a way to increase my vegie intake so we will see how that goes. Not much else happening...i am about to go and dig up a dvd or two to watch. Have a great sunday all

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Tania said...

Oh you have had an interesting couple of weeks haven't you (now that i've caught up on all your news)!

As to Ang - I think the worst game in the world you can play is the game of "what if" - you've often wondered what would happen if you emailed her, now you've done it! As hard as it is to take she obviously doesn't feel that the friendship can be gotten back and quite frankly you deserve better.

As to your step dad - i'm with Jody on that one, i've heard you talk about him often over the years i've known you and have to say you've had very little positive comments to make. He needs to get over himself, quite simple really - why do you deserve to be judged for being gay? I mean surely that means gay people have the right to judge him for being straight! What BULLSHIT!!!

If you WANT to change your surname then you really should do it, but do it for you, not out of spite towards him.

Was good to catch up with you yesterday - look forward to catching up again soon.