Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday June 6

Well i finally had some good stuff happen YAY! Firstly I walked into work yesterday and my boss told me she had emailed me a job she thinks i mite be interested in. Its in the mobile billing department...doing back end admin work as well as billing enquiries..AND its monday to friday so no weekend work ! Applications close on thursday and I am going to apply for it so will work on that this weekend. Then i was sitting at my desk and dan comes up to me hands me a piece of paper with a mobile phone number and a guys number and i am like whats that? And dan is like he has your mobile ! OMG i coulda kissed him on the spot hahahahhha i was very ended up with another taxi driver who tried calling people in my contact list...anyway he rang dan...and dan asked who else was in the phone and worked it out for there. So at 9am this morning i go and pick up the phone and by this evening the phone will be working again. Then when i came home from work i played around with my phone connection on the wall and TA DA internet is back and working ! woooo hoooooooooo.

The other big news is i am planning a holiday in july, this is dependant on the job i am applying for but i am looking into flying up to the gold coast for 4 or 5 days. I have been there once before and that was about 15 years ago. I went with a friend and she drove me nuts and i always said i wanted to go back by myself so presuming work doesnt suggest i cancel my leave if i get this job i will be going there in the first week in July. I emailed flight centre to work out some packages for me once i get them i will check online and see what the cheapest is i can get it. But there are some awesome deals...i saw one hotel with a gym...$125 for 3 nites which also includes a $10 voucher for the buffet breakfast each morning as well as a $25 voucher to go towards a massage or facial. I have also looked into a hot air balloon ride while up there...its $195 and includes a champagne cool does that sound????

Today is going to be a great day ! Shortly i go and pick up my phone then this afternoon i am going for coffee with the ww forum girls then tonite i am going to a greek restuarant called "eros" for a greek banquet with is paying for it wooo hoooo so a cheap nite out for me !

How sad was that about Professor Chris O'Brien? I thought he was such a nice guy on RPA..sad.sad.sad.

Okies off i go,,,,,have a fab saturday all xox

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