Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27

Well today truly is a much better day. I am still having trouble getting to sleep some nites and this happened again last nite but once i did fall asleep i slept good...i slept thru till just after midday today lol and didnt get up till 1pm...its been lovely and relaxing. I then got up did some vaccuuming and then did my EA active....i love that game ! I did day 1 of the 30 day challenge...burnt over 400 calories according to my heart rate monitor and most importantly had fun while doing it...its much better then working out to a dvd.

Food wise has been much better today (last few days have been horendous lol). The other weird thing is TOM is a week late which i am thinking is cos i have been stressed...and to a degree still am (not about the gym tho just the family situation) I have to just get thru this week (i have a 6.30am start two days this week ugh) but come 3.30pm friday arvo i am on leave for 9 days and freaking cant wait. My sister and her family are apparantly going to be down for 5 of those days, my new lounge room furniture arrives and fiona and eve and me are going to work on that plan, so my whole intention is to get everything back on track and relax and rest so when i go back to work and my gym routine the week after i am not tired...that i am focused and all is going good.

I just watched the movie "he's just not that into you" such a cute movie!

Tomorrow i am meeting someone i have been chatting to a lil off the pink sofa...its not a date or anything...but possibly its the start of a new friendship we will wait and see.

Okies off i go all...have a good saturday nite !

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Tania said...

Sounds like you've really had a tough week mate! Glad everything was sorted out between Fiona and Eve - it's important that you follow your instincts, that's what you've done this time and the result was positive. Have a FABULOUS holiday and good luck tomorrow, hope it goes well. Oh and well done on getting EA Active - it's great isn't it?