Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday June 29

Gawd its monday morning and way to early to be at work :( If i laid down on a bed right now im sure i'd zonk out lol. Did the EA active game again yesterday morning...was really good and i can feel it in my legs a bit which is good, all those squats and lunges i am guessing.

Well yes i did go meet that girl from the pink sofa yesterday and it all went rather well. She is very nice and she does seem interested in me (by the time i got home yesterday afternoon she had sent me a text saying she had a lovely time and thinks i am a lovely woman...and then also left me a message online pretty much saying the same thing) i think at the very least we will become friends altho i get the feeling if i asked her out she would go out. I am only tentative about that mostly because she has not come out, and has only really started to realise recently she likes women and so as i came out 5-6 years ago and past that stage of things...i think that would prolly be a issue (mostly on my side i am guessing)

Back into everything weight loss wise, i was better over the weekend compared to late last week but still not completely on track. But back into it this morning, my weetbix and banana is already eaten and i have water on my desk. Tonite i have PT, im hoping fiona mite text me to say she has a earlier time today as i would really like a early nite tonite.

Okay not too much else going on...have a good day all

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