Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well i did it ! Signed up for the gyms food plan and saw the dietician tonite! Hows that for speedy service? Anyway so i went in and saw eve,,,,firstly she asked me whats been going on food wise since i stopped slimplicity last november and then she asked me what are my goals? I explained its not about the scales anymore...if its a choice between being size 14 and fit and toned and healthy or a size 10 and not toned and healthy...i want the size 14. Its not about being skinny anymore...its about being healthy. To say she was stunned by how my goals and perceptions have changed over the last 6 months is the understatement of the year....she was like your headis in such a good place. We also talked about how i still see myself as 171 kilos and that i do wonder if 130 kilos is a bit of a barrier for me. She also talked to me about heart rate monitor about taking a much more scientific approach and working out with my calories burnt...what is energy being burnt and what is fat stores being burnt. Anyway for this week she doesnt want me changing anything just to keep a food diary and eat as i have been. Next week her and i will sit down and work out a plan together...basically doing the same plan as before but with a twist...part of this i know is planning a "treat" meal in each week or fortnight. Not kfc or anything like that...something that fits into my calories...but something that i consider a special meal to help reduce boredom and feeling like im missing out. Also next week she will weigh and measure me .... we also decided weekly weigh ins and weekly body fat measurements. After thinking about this decision for the last 5 weeks or so im very confident i have made the right decision...i feel so completely motivated and confident that in a few weeks time i will be under 130 kilos. Okay my head is hurting (tends to hurt quite a bit by the end of the day) so im off to get my heat pack and climb into bed and watch house....xox


Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

OMG I hear ya. I can't seem to get under the 120kgs after being in the 160kgs it is like my body says yes but my mind is not doing the work. Well done for taking the step. I am sure it is going to happen for you.

Katy said...

Well done Kazz!!!